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Industrial Industry

We supply high-quality wire formed components to the commercial industry, providing durable and reliable solutions that meet the unique demands of various applications. Our commitment to excellence ensures innovative and precise products that enhance performance and efficiency.

Packaging Buckles


Awning Hooks

Hog Rings

PC 384 & PC B573

Molly Clips

Ball-end Hangerhooks

PC T503, PC 536

Broom Stays

PC 850, PC 851

Mop Holders / Sockets

PC 657

Bucket Handles

PC 610, PC 606, PC A607, PC B608, PC E618

Bin Clamps

PC 755


Pail Ear

PC 753

Weldable Rivets

PC 764

Grip Clips

PC 841

Braai Hooks

PC 686

Pot Handles

PC 547, PC 704, PC 548

U-Clips for Mop Sockets

PC 777 (50mm), PC 776 (45mm), PC 778 (40mm)

Wire Wickets

PC 738

Wire Wicket Grommets

PC 849

Weldable Items

Unwelded | Welded