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Frequently Asked Questions

About 50yrs ago the Company was started to service the luggage, belt and equestrian markets with metal fittings.  D-Rings, O-Rings, belt buckles of all descriptions, sliders and more.  While we still make these very products to this day we have diversified into many industries.

If it is not a stock item already, then we need: A drawing or sketch or two samples. The quantity required. The function of the component. Is this a once-off or ongoing?

Typically between 2.0mm and 6.0mm.

We use locally made wire. This wire is made from recycled scrap mainly. The flat steel product we buy originates from Arcelor Mittal locally.

Yes. We carry stock in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town of commonly sold items.

For new pressed products to be tooled up for 10,000 plus per order. For new wire formed products 50,000 plus. Our prices are quoted per thousand.

Steel is the most recyclable material of all. All scrap and off-cuts generated in production is sold as scrap for recycling. The product itself at end of life will either join the scrap cycle or rust away with no harm.

Wire formed products with feed lengths from 30mm to 600mm.

The ability to do quality finishes on small components in bulk.

Zinc, Copper, Nickel and Brass.

It is made by our own team of in-house toolmakers on the premises.