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About Us

Welcome to our Website!

We are in the business of making wire formed components and small pressed items. Our equipment is used for mass production and we operate 24hr shifts most of the year.

We also electro-plate our in-house production in zinc, copper, nickel and brass. Again: our barrel plating plants are designed for mass production. Our focus on quality means that our products have a generous thickness of coating showing a luxurious sheen.

Our presence in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban means that we typically deliver “ex stock” so you can keep your stocks low and rely on an efficient partner for your needs.

We stand for uncompromising quality. Our industrial components are fit for purpose and designed for optimum performance. Typically our products form a small (but vital) part of your product.

Don’t spoil the ship for a hap’s worth of tar! All too often customers revert to us after trying the import route to potentially save on costs. They have learnt that any saving soon evaporates after the inconvenience of uncertain shipping schedules, paying in advance and having to keep an inventory equal to many weeks’ worth of production are taken into account. And then there is the surprise of erratic quality when you open the container door.

We use South African steel sourced from reputable manufacturers made to our proprietary tight specifications. Our suppliers are using recycled steel.

Because we are primarily in the manufacturing business, we rely on distributors to sell some of our product ranges. They are invariably the best in their lines of business! So we may refer your enquiry to one of our partners in the certainty that you will be well served.

We always are looking for new products to make in bulk. Speak to us.

Kind regards
Manfred Rusch