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Welcome to our Website

Our speciality is the accurate, high speed, mechanical mass production and finishing of wire and strip formed small components to industries as diverse as packaging vendors and plastic products manufacturers and the automotive industry.


The factory is also equipped with Zinc centrifugal spin casting machinery for the duplication of small cast fittings.

Whilst you're paying us a visit, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce our Company to you.


Pinclip Industries was first established in Cape Town in 1967 manufacturing D-rings, O-rings roller buckles and fittings for the handbag, luggage, belt industries as well as industrial such as bucket handles, pot handles, etc. Over the years the company has diversified to specialise in contract work for the industry.


Items presently in our range are utilised by diverse industries such as packaging, outdoor, fashion, etc., and include ferrules, shoe buckles, lace keepers, assorted sizes of roller buckles, D-rings, O-rings, triangles, loops, nameplates and tent pegs to mention but a few. We also manufacture spin-cast items. Our in-house electroplating plant is capable of producing a variety of finishes including nickel, brass, zinc, and  antique brass.


We understand the constant need for new ideas, unique designs and the shortest possible lead times in the dynamic industries we supply. As a result we are continuously seeking new products for on going mass production. Our production facilities allow us to keep your product under one roof, from development through tool making, to production and finishing.


We look forward to doing business with you.


BEE Compliance

Pinclip Industries currently enjoy a level 2 BEE status, serving to affirm that we are a responsible and caring company, dedicated to comply with BEE requirements.


A Level 2 BEE Status translates into 125% procurement recognition if a company has more than 50% black ownership. This Level 2 BEE status sets Pinclip Industries apart as a preferred employer and supplier.


Download a copy of our BEE Certificate here


Barrel Plating

Pinclip Industries is currently operating one of the largest Barrel Plating plants in the Western Cape. The most popular finishes are:

Antique Copper

Nickel, Satin Nickel, Antique Nickel

Brass, Antique Brass

Zinc, Yellow Passivated Zinc, and Black Passivated Zinc.



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